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20 November 2016, 8:30 am, Ötztal, Obergurgl

Superb snow conditions, bright sunshine, Markus’ face gleaming with happiness. Checking the smartphone is just normal for him. New messages or the exact time. By navigating through the news, some hotel check-in information crosses his mind again. Since this winter season there is a special app for the entire ski area, and he even remembers the name: Mountain Navigator.

Top Mountain Crosspoint - Obergurgl-Hochgrugl, Ötztal, Tirol
The agreed meeting point: Top Mountain Crosspoint
© Alexander Lohmann / Ötztal Tourismus

The app towards “Top Mountain Crosspoint”!

Markus is quite skeptical about apps as there are so many useless features. Nevertheless he searches for it in the app store. Provider? “Liftgesellschaften Obergurgl-Hochgurgl” in person. Looks trustworthy. Design? Attractive and matching with the region’s holistic concept.

It’s free, just download it. In the meantime the phone rings. It’s Franz, one of his best friends. Franz spends some days exactly in the same ski region but stays at a hotel in Hochgurgl. They make a date in the ski area. Meeting spot: Top Mountain Crosspoint, 11.00 am.

A smart uphill ride

9:30 am, Festkogl Mountain Gondola leading towards Festkogl Alm. Mountain Navigator: it must have to do something with “navigation”! Markus starts the app. At 11.00 am he will meet Franz. A perfect occasion to test the application.

There is a result under a certain Highlight Points category. Markus is amazed. The app shows him not only his current position and the location of the “Top Mountain Crosspoint” but also the best route, the overall time and how many kilometers he has to ski. Three different variants are displayed in blue, red and black.

Mountain Navigator App Navigation - Obergurgl-Hochgurgl, Ötztal, Tirol
© August Schärli / Enluf

By now Markus has reached the top station. There he takes the ski run he has chosen before, and enjoys a marvelous morning on the immaculate slopes.

Skifahrer auf Piste - Obergurgl-Hochgurgl, Ötztal, Tirol
© Christoph Schöch / Ötztal Tourismus
Mountain Navigator App Info TMC - Obergurgl-Hochgurgl, Ötztal, Tirol
© August Schärli / Enluf

A one-stop service: navigation and reservation

Oh, it’s already 10.30 am and time to meet Franz. Luckily Markus has installed the app! The smartphone displays several recommended routes to reach the Top Mountain Crosspoint. Approximately 30 minutes on the black ski run. Perfect! A short description of the Top Mountain Crosspoint comprises also a direct call button.

Great idea: Markus reserves a table at the Top Mountain Crosspoint. How long does it take to reach it? Within a few minutes he has found the best route and booked a table in the restaurant via phone. Not bad, that’s what real service looks like!

Listen to the “inner” voice

Markus isn’t familiar with the area and uses the navigation feature to get to the Top Mountain Crosspoint. A friendly voice tells Markus the way. First straight ahead on Piste no. 34 until its end, then take the Große Karbahn lift, keep to the left towards Piste no. 4, only five minutes to go until you reach the Top Mountain Crosspoint.

Everything is live during the ski adventure of Markus. Similar to the Audi navigation system. Thanks a lot! You are welcome, Markus – the Obergurgl-Hochgurgl mountain lifts reply. And enjoy your meal with Franz!

Mountain Navigator App Routing
© August Schärli / Enluf

After a fine meal and awe-inspiring panoramic views, Markus checks again his iPhone and shows the superb app also to Franz. They take a closer look at the Panorama function. Whoosh, soon they find out that the app combines reality with virtual contents. Augmented Reality. Markus chooses the live mode by filming the slope from his point of view while the app shows them what they see and tells them the matching story.

Markus also takes a picture of the breathtaking panorama plus an action-packed selfie with Franz directly via the app. Both pictures feature the brand logo, Markus can’t wait to share them with his friends. Quite cool and up-to-date despite of his age! In the meantime also Franz has downloaded the mobile app to his Android smartphone. Checking the “Highlight Points” he discovers the Audi quattro funslope in Obergurgl. Franz is totally enthusiastic about it. A real attraction not to be missed on his way back.

Festkogl und Mountain Navigator App - Obergurgl-Hochgurgl, Ötztal, Tirol
© Philipp Horak / Ötztal Tourismus & August Schärli / Enluf

A sudden change in weather is in the air. Within a few minutes the fog spreads all over the ski slope, it’s hard to make out the ski run if you are still above the tree line. Franz and Markus are almost lost. Fortunately the Mountain Navigator app can help them. Entering their destination, the app will accompany them back to Obergurgl and Hochgurgl safely.

Franz and Markus enjoyed a fabulous day in the mountains. They are thankful and happy that they have reached their hotels. The ultimate “Mountain Navigator” is almost a must when it comes to complementary offers and prime services for guests in the mountains.

The Mountain Navigator App for iOS and Android systems is available for free, and can be downloaded right here:

obergurgl-hochgurgl-link-app-store obergurgl-hochgurgl-link-google-play-store

Also check out the video below (in German), which explains the features of the app in more detail:

Gastautor August Schärli - Mountain Navigator App Obergurgl-Hochgurgl
© August Schärli

Guest Author August Schärli

Founder and entrepreneur of ENLUF, a company which has its headquarters in Klosters / Switzerland. ENLUF develops solutions for enterprises working in the field of mountain lifts and tourism industry. With much love to the detail and unlimited passion we concentrate on the research and development of new solutions when it comes to live navigation and orientation in mountain areas as well as safety, augmented realities within ski or hiking regions and real-time data evaluation for mountain forecast reports of all kinds.


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