In the “regular guest gondola”, personalities from fields such as sports, culture, science and TV speak about everything but skiing – in a truly unique location with breathtaking views! Get in and take a ride with us in the “regular guest gondola” – boredom excluded!

NOTE: To display the English subtitles, please click on the “Settings/Einstellungen” Icon (cogwheel), then click on “Untertitel (2)” and select “Englisch”.

Episode 06 | Winter season 17/18 | Nassau Beach Club

This time in the regular guest gondola: The (musical) crew of the Nassau Beach Club Ibiza, which stops in Obergurgl-Hochgurgl from 6 to 10 March to celebrate its “Club Winter Tour”. With host Manuel they discuss the idea of their guest appearance – and play some live-music during the gondola ride. (Info: The interview was partly held in German; there are no English subtitels available for this episode)


Episode 05 | Winter season 17/18 | Tony Martin

This time in the “regular guest gondola”: German professional road bicycle racer and seven-time time trial world champion ( 4 x Single, 3x Team) Tony Martin. With host Manuel he talks – among other things – about his way from beeing a policeman to becoming a road bicycle professional and what is the right tactic for the Ötztaler Cycle Marathon.


Episode 04 | Winter season 17/18 | Dave Ryding & Hubertus von Hohenlohe

This time in the “regular guest gondola”: British ski racer Dave Ryding & photographer, singer and ski racer Hubertus von Hohenlohe. With host Manuel they talk about the upcoming Olympic Winter Games in South Korea in February 2018 (Interview in English).


Episode 03 | Winter season 17/18 | Author and speaker Andreas Buhr

In this installment of the “regular guest gondola”, host Manuel and guest Andreas Buhr not only resolve the question if either tea or “Glühwein”, but also what a speaker does.


Episode 02 | Winter season 17/18 | TV weatherman Christian Häckl & International Weather Summit organiser Thomas Weninger

This time in the “regular guest gondola”: TV weatherman Christian Häckl and International Weather Summit organiser Thomas Weniger. While drinking “Glühwein” and tea, the two of them speak about the idea behind the International Weather Summit and how an Austrian weatherman came to Cologne.


Episode 01 | Winter season 16/17 | Dr. Bertrand Piccard

The very first guest in the “regular guest gondola”: Dr. Bertrand Piccard, adventurer and researcher of international fame. He was the first human who circuited the globe in a hot-air baloon. Besides, he has a very special connection with Obergurgl-Hochgurgl.

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