Out of bed just in time to catch the first sunrays

Hohe Mut Alm Sunrise Ride

“Here comes the sun”: All those who have already witnessed a magnificent sunrise on top of a mountain peak will remember this unique experience for the rest of their lives. A daily nature spectacle of awesome beauty, made to measure for early risers. What’s best, outdoor fans can join a mountain gondola ride to Hohe Mut Alm at sunrise every Wednesday in August. Soaking up the fabulous atmosphere and enjoying a “radiant” start into the day.

I am among the lucky ones to enjoy the summer’s very first mountain gondola ride at sunrise, soaking up the first sunrays at 2670 meters above sea level. A hearty welcome followed by a mouth-watering mountain breakfast on the scenic terrace of Hohe Mut Alm.

Blick Tal auswärts von der Hohe Mut Alm - Sonnenaufgangsfahrt Hohe Mut Alm
© Benedikt Steiner / Ötztal Tourismus

Hohe Mut Base Station, 05:30 am

As agreed, we meet shortly after 5 am in the morning at the base station of Hohe Mut Mountain Gondola. It’s still dark in the upper Ötztal. But the meeting point is almost crowded: about 40 early birds – among them also countless locals – want to join the first gondola ride at sunrise.

I board the gondola cabin at 05:30 am, it whisks me effortlessly up to Hohe Mut Alm at about 2600 meters altitude. During the lift ride dawn is already near and I can make out the first Alpine summits in the distance – a truly breathtaking moment.


Morgendämmerung auf der Hohe Mut Alm - Sonnenaufgangsfahrt Hohe Mut Alm
© Stephanie Lohmann / Liftgesellschaften Obergurgl-Hochgurgl

After a 10-minute gondola ride we reach the top station of Hohe Mut and its wide open Alpine saddleback covered with lush green mountain meadows. Also a new playground for children can be found against this wonderful backdrop! An ideal spot to lean back and wait for the rising sun…

Standing on this fabulous high Alpine plateau, I let my eyes wander over the awesome mountain world of the upper Ötztal Valley. The red morning sky makes the majestic 3000-meter high peaks and glaciers even brighter – however, I feel quite small amidst this on-of-a-kind landscape. Slowly everyone is getting more and more excited: behind which summit will the sun rise, and when exactly?
Sonnenaufgang auf der Hohe Mut Alm - Sonnenaufgangsfahrt Hohe Mut Alm
© Stephanie Lohmann / Liftgesellschaften Obergurgl-Hochgurgl

Finally it happens! All of a sudden the yellow ball rises behind Festkogl peak, sending its first sunrays straight into our eyes. It was chilly until now in this high Alpine area but now the bright sunrays provide a warm feeling on the skin. Colors and contours, sun and shade put a huge smile on our faces. Cameras and tripods are ready for taking superb pictures – an absolute must for all mountain fans.

A mountain breakfast is a second to none experience

Sunrise in all its facets and perspectives captured on dozens of cameras. Slowly my stomach starts to grumble – there is no more time to waste now as breakfast is served for all early risers at quaint Hohe Mut Alm.

The very delicious breakfast buffet on the glass-covered sun terrace offers everything your heart could possibly desire: scrambled eggs with bacon, varied cheese delights, cold cuts, Tirolean speck, farmer’s butter from Obergurgl, marmalade and muesli plus freshly baked white and dark bread. And loads of nice smelling coffee.

Frühstück Hohe Mut Alm - Sonnenaufgangsfahrt Hohe Mut Alm
© Benedikt Steiner / Ötztal Tourismus

While enjoying my second cup of coffee, I indulge in the really splendid views of Rotmoostal valley and Gurgler Ferner glacier. This sunrise excursion including breakfast would also be a perfect start into a great hiking day – for example to Schönwieshütte in Rotmoostal or the newly built Piccard Suspension Bridge on Gurgler Ferner. It’s still early in the morning and the whole day is ahead of me: what a wonderful opportunity for making an Alpine hike … unfortunately I have to return to the office today. Better luck next time!

More detailed information about dates and advance booking of Hohe Mut Alm Sunrise Rides available HERE.

(Cover image: © Stephanie Lohmann / Liftgesellschaften Obergurgl-Hochgurgl)


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